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[Fic] Chasing Rainbows - Chapter 09

Title: Chasing Rainbows

Beta: None

Pairing: Akame, RyoTego, RyoDa

Rating: NC17 (as the story will go on)

Disclaimer: None of them belongs to me...T___T

Genre: Angst, Romance, Tragedy

Banner by: birdiieee

Summary: Akanishi Jin is being paid to do dirty jobs,such as staining people's image or killing those who deserve it. By doing that, he hopes to find the one who ruined his childhood. His latest mission is to destroy the president of the Kamenashi company. And to do that, he has to approach the president's son: Kazuya.

Chapter 09

“What kind of ending was that?” Jin frowned, turning the TV off. Kazuya shrugged with a slight grin.


“An open ending?”


“I hate such things. Relationships shouldn’t be like this. If something’s done, it’s done. No need to keep dwelling on it.”


“Wow, you’ve totally made your mind concerning such situations…”


“Hmm…what’s your opinion, then?”


“My opinion…” Kazuya mumbled. “No, forget it, you’ll laugh at me.”


“What?” Jin chuckled. “Why would I?”


“You’ll think it’s too sappy.”


“Try me.”


Kazuya licked his lips as their gazes met again. No matter how deep his feelings for Jin were, he still wasn’t sure he should freely express his opinion on certain matters. Yet Jin’s smile looked actually pretty innocent and anticipation was shining all over his face. He sighed, giving in.


“I think that only death can tear two people apart. Even if they break up, if they’re alive, they can always be together again. Since they once had feelings…it’s impossible for me to say that they won’t feel the same again.”


He had his eyes low as long as he was saying this, but when he peered up at Jin, he bit his lip. The man was left staring at him, his mouth almost open. Obviously, this was either too poetic or too silly for his tastes. He didn’t dare speak again, just rested in a more comfortable position and waited. No matter what, he wanted to know Jin’s reaction. In words, at least.


Fortunately, Jin got over the shock pretty quickly. He stroked Kazuya’s hand with a faint smile.


“You know…you’re full of surprises. I’m amazed by the way your mind works.”


“It’s not the mind.” Kazuya replied quietly. “It’s the heart.”


His face darkened a bit after that statement, as if he had regretted saying this. Jin looked at him skeptically.


“Is this…from personal experience?”


Kazuya looked at him with a weird look, scaring him a little. He didn’t know that Jin knew about the graveyard and the latter wasn’t entirely sure he did well to ask him. Of course, he was sure that if Kazuya didn’t want to speak, he wouldn’t. But still, asking could be rude…hell, Jin shouldn’t even care…he should be asking him about his father, not about a dead person who was of no importance. Not as far as his mission was concerned, at least.


“Yes. It kind of is.”


But it still didn’t seem as if Kazuya wanted to say more. Jin nodded.


“Ok. Sorry. I promise I won’t ask more.”


“It’s ok. You didn’t know.”




“Just forget it.” Kazuya shook his head, holding his hand. Jin gave him a warm, hesitant smile.


“Is it ok if I ask you to play the piano?”


“Huh?” Kazuya blinked. “How did you think of it?”


“I just did.” Jin shrugged. “I remember how nice it was when I first heard you playing.”


“When I was rude to you?”

“Oh, come on….I’m sure that you came across silly reporters every week. I was just one of them back then. Not anymore, I hope.”


“Yes, Jin.” Kazuya tilted his head. “Not anymore.”


“So…” Jin winked, giving him a peck on the lips, “…don’t I deserve a song?”


How was Kazuya supposed not to fall for those mesmerizing eyes?




“You want what?” Ryo asked carefully, not sure if his ears had deceived him or not. Tegoshi bit his lip and lowered his head.


“I wanna go see my parents. I haven’t seen them at all ever since I came here…and lately…you’ve been busy…so I only stay alone all day…”


He didn’t raise his gaze to see Ryo narrowing his eyes. He only waited with his breath cut, because he wasn’t new to this. He could tell what would follow. Ryo would definitely call him disobedient again…


“You want to escape, right?”

‘What?” Tegoshi’s eyes opened wide. He expected everything but that. “No, why would I? I just-“


“You’re tired of being my pet and you’re jealous of Tatsuya. Do you think I’m stupid?”


“Ryo, no!” Tegoshi yelped desperately. “I swear that I don’t wanna leave! All I want is to see my parents, I swear! With you being absent so much, I thought it would be a good idea…I mean, you don’t need me, so-“


“You’re tying to make me look guilty, right?” Ryo hissed, shoving him to the nearest wall. “There’s no good and bad here, Yuya. You’re my pet, you hear me? Lower than that! Just a utensil I can use whenever I please!”


“I never denied that!”


“Then why do you wanna abandon me so badly? Is your stupid “love” of yours blinding you that much? I can do whatever I want with Tatsuya!”


“Ryo, please…” Tegoshi tried again. “I don’t wanna leave you, I just wanna see my par-“


“You’re lying!” Ryo snapped again and gave him a hard slap. He usually wasn’t that impatient, he was aware of that. What had happened now?


He took a couple of steps back, breathing heavily. Tegoshi had slid down on the floor, holding his cheek. His head was down again, so Ryo had no option of seeing his reaction. Deep inside, he finally felt a tiny bit of guilt. Maybe slapping him was too much…


His hesitant suspicion came true when Tegoshi finally raised his head a bit. His eyes were red and teary and Ryo clenched his fists unconsciously. When was the last time he’d seen the boy cry?


“I missed my parents, Ryo.” He said with a broken voice. “They don’t even know if I’m alive or dead. I win nothing by running away from you and you obviously don’t need me much now that you have Ueda. Why can’t I go?”


The tears finally fell from his eyes as he lowered his face again. No sound escaped his lips, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t crying. Ryo was giving an inner battle now, because he knew that Tegoshi was the only one that would never cause him trouble, the only one who wouldn’t abandon him so easily…but still, he couldn’t give in just like that…the boy was a pet, right? Masters shouldn’t surrender so easily to their pets’ plead…


Was Jin’s case really that different? Could it be that Ryo had taken Tegoshi for granted a little too much?


He kneeled on the floor slowly and approached him again. He pulled his hand away; there was a red mark on his cheek already. Ryo sighed. No, he wasn’t sorry. He wouldn’t say it out loud, at least. That would be a fatal mistake. He wasn’t supposed to bow down to his toy.


“Why can’t you just bury those feelings of yours, Yuya? It will never work out between us the way you want it. You’re nothing more than a toy to me.”


He stroked his cheek, not even sure why he was doing that and a small sob finally escaped Tegoshi’s lips. Maybe he wasn’t as weak as Ryo had originally thought…he roamed his eyes over the boy’s miserable state and decided to pose a final question, even though he knew he had already admitted defeat.


“Are you telling me the truth? Is this only about your parents?”


Tegoshi nodded, wiping his tears on his sleeve. “I missed them. My dad might have done terrible things, but they’re still my parents. I want to see them…” he chocked out.


And Ryo had no other choice.


“1 day. I’ll make arrangements for you. It’s Tuesday today…”he paused and thought about it. “You’ll leave on Thursday morning. If you’re not back by Friday night, I’m gonna destroy them again. Ok?”


Yeah, sure. There was no way he would actually do that. But it still sounded better than “yeah, sure, go and have fun, it’s totally understandable”. His own parents were dead, after all. He had no one to miss.


“Thank you.” Tegoshi whispered and Ryo wiped away the rest of his tears. “I’ll be back, I promise.”


“I know you will.” Ryo replied as he stood up, holding his hand. He helped him get up as well, then gently pushed him towards the bedroom. “Let’s go to bed now.”


“No, wait…I don’t wanna bother you, I’m a mess…”


“To the bed, Yuya.” Ryo insisted. “If you want me to book you a train ticket, you’ll have to sleep on the bed.”


Dammit, how great it felt when that faint smile returned to the boy’s lips…




“I don’t see why you keep refusing.” Mr. Kamenashi shrugged. “It’s not like I’ll allow you to slip away. You’re taking over the company; that’s an order.”


“You can just come up with an excuse; say that I’m not as capable as you or something…I don’t want to take over.”


“You think this is a nice thing to say about the job that feeds you?”


“You don’t feed me.” Kazuya protested. “I live with the money I make. I don’t need yours.”


“Kazuya, I am not gonna allow you to bring such humiliation to our name! You’ll take over one way or another!”


“I am not taking over this filthy company.”


“Filthy?” now his father’s eyes had no pleasant emotion in them. But Kazuya didn’t stop.


“Do you think I don’t know things work here? Do you think I don’t know how dirty the money you bring home is?”


“Oh, and that bothers you?” Mr. Kamenashi laughed sarcastically. “No company can make it big without a few illegal tricks, son.”

“Who said I wanna make it big?”


“I didn’t see you complain about the dirty money that sent you to school and educated you, though.”


Kazuya didn’t reply immediately. He looked at his father, then at the clock behind him. Jin would be here any minute now, he shouldn’t get upset…


“I didn’t ask to be sent in such an expensive school.”


“Maybe, but you didn’t complain either. It’s thanks to what you call “dirty money” that you managed to meet that friend of yours…what was his name? The one who died during that bank robbery…”


No. It was too late to keep his composure. He stormed out of the room, punching the walls, scaring the people around him. He could be patient about a lot of things, but not that. And the mocking tone his father had used had made everything worse. His parents hadn’t even pretended to be sad back then, during the funeral. They hadn’t cared. His mother had tried to comfort Kazuya after it had ended, but it had been late. Kazuya’s only company had been the piano since then…


He walked out of the company, not even greeting anyone. What did it matter, anyway? They weren’t working for him…


Seconds later, a car stopped in front of him.


“I hope I’m not la…Kazuya, what’s wrong?”


It was Jin. Kazuya took a deep breath and hurried to get in. “Nothing. It’s nothing, I’m fine.”


“Fine? Look at your hand! Wait, I have a first-aid kit at the back seat…”


During the time he bandaged his hand, Kazuya didn’t speak. Jin didn’t either, but he couldn’t hold back once he was done. He stroked his hair.


“What happened, Kazuya?”



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